Homeowners in Sydney usually choose window blinds when they want to protect their privacy or block light in their homes. Blinds for window coverings have become the popular choice because:

  • Durable qualities
  • Sleek and modern appearance
  • Easy to maintain

Yet, there’s no equality with window blinds for there’s the manual and the motorised roller blinds. Between these two, the custom fit and well-designed is with motorised roller blinds, Sydney.

Here’s why:

Maximised safety for children and pets

Peace of mind is gained by parents opting for motorised roller blinds. The presence of cords in some window blinds is potentially hazardous for children and pets. The loop feature of the cords could easily entangle them, causing accidental injuries.

The safest window covering is with the cordless system of the motorised window blinds. Installing them on all windows of the home makes them safe for children and pets.

Protects home decor and furniture from the sun

The direct streaming of the sun inside the home can cause irreversible damage and fade to the decor and furniture. The automated programming of motorised blinds allows control over the amount of light and the time to enter the home.

Protecting the furniture is helped when you set a specific time for the blinds to open or close. This provides a convenience especially when you forget to close or open them at specific times.

Operate the blinds using only a push button

Getting up to adjust the blinds when you’re busy cooking or relaxing on the couch while watching your favourite show can be the last thing you want to do. Touching a button is all you need to set a timeframe for the blinds to open or close is the topmost convenience of motorised blinds.

The convenience of setting specific times with the blinds allows it to close when sunlight is at its highest peak or open during cooler temperatures. Older children will also appreciate the safe convenience of opening and closing the blinds using only a push button.

Added security when you’re far from home

Preventing nosy neighbours and passersby from peering inside the home is the top reason for people to choose blinds. Yet, motorised blinds offer more advantages when it comes to added security.

Setting a timeframe for the blinds allows them to automatically operate even when you’re not at home. The closing or opening of the blinds throughout specific times of the day will look like someone is home.

This serves as an effective deterrent for potential invaders.

Enhance energy efficiency

Light control and insulation provided by motorised blinds enhance the home’s energy efficiency. Letting in the sunlight by opening the blinds foregoes the use of lamps and other light fixtures. Lightning efficiency is maximised when the blinds are set to open or close at specific times in the day. This simple act helps to lower your monthly energy bills.

Peaceful waking up in the morning

Setting your blinds to gradually open in the morning is a better alternative than being jolted awake by the alarm clock. Waking up peacefully offers benefits to everyone, from adults to children.

Motorised roller blinds are a level up from standard roller blinds. Upgrading the value of the home is achieved when you install motorised blinds in your Sydney home.