There are many reasons to make annexes a popular addition to property. Homeowners with elderly relatives favour annexes as it allows them a semblance of independence.

Young adult members of the household also benefit from annexes. Having an annexe in the property allows them to live independently when they still cannot afford high rental prices.

The wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles available with annexes easily make it the top choice for many homeowners. While there are many reasons to invest in an annexe, the top motives include:

A great business opportunity

Homeowners that want to operate air B&B businesses will do well with having an annexe constructed in their properties. A steady income stream is gained with annexes used to accommodate varied guests. The popularity of air B&B as the cheaper travel option has also made annexes the popular choice for property owners to earn a lucrative and steady income.

As a way to help young adult family members

Acquiring a property can be a difficult task for young adult members when starting to live independently. Helping young adults learn self-sufficiency while reducing their overhead living costs is to create a space for them by way of an annexe. They can pay a lower rent and live independently while staying near their parents or relatives.

Downsize living

Living in a large home can become a tough financial expense for some homeowners. The associated overheads for large homes can become a financial drain.

Living in tiny homes has become quite trendy in recent years. Energy use, overheads, and carbon footprint are drastically reduced when living small. Heating water and using electricity usage are reduced with solar panels attached to roofs.

Annexes provide the ideal solution for people choosing to live in smaller spaces. The trend of living in tiny homes has encouraged many people to sell their homes, invest in a smaller piece of property, and have an annexe installed on it.

People that have opted for the small living lifestyle have seen that life becomes more enjoyable with lower overheads and reduced carbon footprint.

Keep elderly relatives closer

Ageing is inevitable for all of us. People with frail and ageing parents would naturally want to keep an eye on them. Yet, old people can be obstinate, and living with their children is always seen as the last recourse.

Installing an annexe allows your elderly relatives to enjoy independence while staying close to you. The annexe provides the perfect solution for both parties. Having the elderly live nearby allows you to take care of them allowing them some sort of freedom and independence.

Extra income

Installing an annexe allows a homeowner to earn some extra income. The separate building allows privacy for both landlord and tenant. The annexe also protects the safety of homeowners than allowing total strangers to rent a room inside their home. An annexe being rented out not only protects the privacy of a homeowner; it also provides separate living quarters for people to rent.

Installing an annexe provide multiple benefits to a homeowner. The wide range of available annexe sizes, shapes, and designs ensure meeting everyone’s taste, preference, and lifestyle. Living small has become one of the trendiest ways of living today. Opting for an annexe provides the perfect solution when you want to opt for a downsized lifestyle. Contact us at Kakadu Annexes to know more about annexes.