increase home energy efficiency

How often is the boiler serviced?
The main manufacturing companies, leaders in the heating sector, declare that it is good practice to carry it out every year . The purpose of this maintenance takes on a preventive value and will serve to make the boiler live for a long time, beyond the real problems it may have at that moment and to pollute the environment less . Performing a proper overhaul means allowing this central tool in home heating to last longer. Being sure that the boiler stops working, especially in winter, when we need it most, is an important guarantee, which allows all the inhabitants of a family to live better, because they are certain that the radiators will be able to give off heat and keep the temperature acclimatized. environment. The efficiency of a gas boiler is essential because, when it is not done, it can increase consumption by up to 30%.

Are there any practical ways to reduce the consumption of a boiler?
To use less energy while using a boiler, you can put some tips into practice. Certainly you need some common sense and awareness on the part of those who live inside that house. Each of the inhabitants of an apartment should aim to be more careful to keep the heat inside a house and therefore avoid dispersing the heat , for example by opening the windows in the morning, with the excuse of “airing the rooms”. This is a bad practice, capable of negatively affecting the maintenance of an acceptable climate inside the apartment.

When we change the air in the rooms, let’s just do it for a few minutes. This time is enough to allow you to breathe better, but also not to end up with a frozen house and frustrate the work done by the radiators and the energy used by the boiler. It will also be important to avoid putting on those unnecessary radiator covers – so fashionable in the 80s, which can waste a lot of heat and allow the circulation and diffusion of hot air in the room. In reality, even the habit of putting the drying rack with wet baths near the radiator is wrong, to the point that it can affect their maximum thermal efficiency and therefore a room to be properly heated.

The chronothermostats allow for more intelligent thermal management, allowing the user to use energy only when it is essential. If a person knows he is away from home for half a day, it is useless to accept that the heating system generates heat in an uninhabited house. At the same time, knowing to return home at 8 pm, will allow for example to program a chronothermostat so that it switches on the boiler and starts heating the spaces inside it only half an hour before someone returns.

In fact, the boiler is equipped with a bypass valve controlled by the chronothermostat. Consequently, when the temperature in the house has reached the desired value, the valve closes the water directly to the radiators. This foresight can save up to 20% of energy .
Other important rules are: