For individuals looking to secure their homes CCTV cameras when placed in strategic positions can be one of the most affordable home security alternative. However it is difficult for a lay person to place the cameras the right way.

What is CCTV? Why should you have CCTV cameras installed in your home? The following are installation tips from the experts which would allow you to avoid common mistakes made by individuals setting up a home security system.

Tips from the experts at CCTV Brisbane

It is essential to guard every entrance because each property has a different layout and design. Providing specific advice is not easy but a good starting point is to ensure that all ground-level entry points are secured. It is generally advised to make use of two or three outdoor cameras. It is recommended that one camera should be placed on the front entrance and one at the back and front with an additional one being placed in the driveway or the side entrance. One of the best ways of completely securing your front entrance is to make use of a video doorbell.

Placing CCTV cameras at the right height and distance

One of the biggest mistakes which home owners make is to place the cameras in a sub optimal location. This in turn reduces its effectiveness. It is important to know that the best range of motion detection is 5 to 20 feet. It is important to place the camera as near to the area where you want to detect motion in order to get the best readings. Individuals sometimes use the wide angle lenses to god as much area as possible. However this limits the effectiveness for detecting motion or capturing any close of footage of the entry points.

The camera should be placed high up and angle downwards. This allows the infrared sensors to pick up any sort of relevant movement and avoid false positive it is best to place the cameras at least 8 to 10 feet high and then tilt them to a 30 degree angle for the optimal motion detection.

Instead of placing the cameras horizontally straight towards the street you would only be able to capture moving cars which would actually trigger alert and cause a false positive. When the cameras are placed at a higher angle it becomes difficult for the intruder to reach up and pull it down or even disarm it.

The camera should not be kept hidden from sight. in fact most people want to hide their cameras so that they can get footage of unsuspecting burgers on intruders. However cameras which are fully visible are more effective for preventing any sort of home security breach.

It is one of the best ways of intimidating unwanted intruders because a visible camera would mean that they would be unable to get into the home without breaching the security system. Also individuals who live in apartments on large homes might require wired cameras. Despite the fact that wireless camera makes it easy to Mount high and also place it across unusual locations it can however result in the signal creating problem for the home and the environment. Three storey apartments can receive signals from every direction which would interfere with the wireless cameras life fields.

Make sure you consider all of these factors when buying CCTV cameras.